Clap Track

This file, part of the Premium Test Suite (track 74 on the Audio CD), play a single clap approximately every two seconds. The file lasts 1.5 minutes and it was recorded at 0 dBFS. The clap plays evenly on the right and left channels.


This file is complementary to the EQ test and the sweep tests. The difference lies first in the spatial distance between claps. Unlike a constant signal in magnitude or frequency — such as in the EQ test and the sweep test — the clap test is broader and shorter than the other sounds. The clap helps to compare the sound from different positions because it is easy to remember and it is naturally reproducible.

Setup and Test

Walk around your room while playing the clap track to identify changes in the sound such as drop-outs.

Diagnose and Troubleshoot

If changes in sound from your favored listening areas are noticeable, consider a better speaker placement to avoid dead spots in your room.