Test the heck out of your speaker system!

Subwoofer Test Pattern is a set of audio files that will help you fine-tune your audio system, diagnose problems, and get the best possible sound from your speakers. You can download the Subwoofer Test Pattern audio files now and begin testing your audio system immediately.

The Audio Files

Test Your Car, Computer, and Home Audio Systems

You can use the Subwoofer Test Pattern audio files to test the audio system and speakers in your home, in your car, and on your computer. The test suite is delivered as a group of WAV files. For testing and optimizing your computer's speaker system, you can simply play the WAV files. For testing and optimizing your home audio system or your car's speaker system, you can use your favorite CD burning software to burn audio CDs from the WAV files. Or, simply connect your laptop's audio output to your stereo's input to run the tests without burning a CD.

Why WAV format, not MP3?

The Basic and Premium versions of the Subwoofer Test Pattern files are available as WAV files. Why not MP3? Because even at its highest bit rate, MP3 is not capable of accurately reproducing the frequencies used in the subwoofer tests. Although the WAV files are larger than MP3s would be, the files will work on any Windows, Mac, or Linux PC.

There are two versions of the Subwoofer Test Pattern files: Basic ($11) and Premium ($17). Both are available as immediate downloads.

The Basic set includes 26 pure tones, ranging from 10Hz to 20kHz, favoring the low end of the audio spectrum. There are two versions of each tone — in-phase and out-of-phase — 52 files in all. [How to use them]

The frequencies covered are:

Premium Test Suite

The Premium test suite adds several other types of audio files for fine-tuning your speaker system. For just $6 more, it adds:

Instant Download Delivery

Both the Basic and Premium test suites are available for instant download: you can pay using your PayPal account or credit card (no PayPal account is necessary) and download the files immediately. The files are large, so a broadband Internet connection is recommended.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you aren't happy with the Subwoofer Test Pattern audio files for any reason within 14 days, we will refund your money.

Thank you! My new SVS sub sounds 10 times better!
—Dean B.